Tradera Developer Program

Adding an item (Auction)

For adding a shop item please see AddShopItem.

RestrictedService requires the use of a authorization token. Please read the Authentication and authorization before continuing.

There are two possible methods to use when adding an Item, AddItem and AddItemXml. The XML version should only be used by clients that cannot send SOAP objects.

When adding an Item, a request is placed in a queue, which is then processed by the Tradera system. If you want to add images to the Item, you need to set the property AutoCommit to false on the ItemRequest, and then call the method AddItemImage for each image. When done, call AddItemCommit. Note that the call to AddItemCommit is not necessary if AutoCommit was set to true when you added the Item.

After the Item has been processed, it will, if accepted by the system, either be visible on the main Tradera site or in the Test environment. If the request was rejected, the reason will be visible under the calling Application's log in the Developer Center.