Tradera Developer Program

Developer Program

Tradera's application programming interface (API) and Developer Program

Here you can find information regarding Tradera's application programming interface (API), a source code interface that enables external applications and services to interact with the Tradera platform.

This opens up opportunities for developers to build applications and services that communicate directly with, Sweden’s largest e-commerce marketplace.

The API offers unprecedented opportunities for you as a developer, affiliate or entrepreneur to build a new Tradera business or expand your current business, reach new customers, and create a potential new stream of revenue.

Together with the API, we also have the Tradera Developer Program, a free of charge, membership based program. The Tradera Developer Program provides services for individuals and companies who build applications and services using the API. Membership in the program is a prerequisite for using the API.

The Tradera API and Developer Program

Tradera developers can sign up to the program and get access to resources which will help them build eg. the following type of applications and services:

  • Seller tools. You can create programs that handle listing of items, payment flows, order handling and shipping.
  • Search applications. You can develop web applications to showcase items currently selling on Tradera, to be placed eg. on your own web site, or in your blog.
  • Affiliate tools. You can develop tools to be used in your affiliate marketing and earn money by sending potential buyers to
  • Mobile applications. You can use the API to build mobile applications to access

Tradera Developer Program is a long term commitment from Tradera, and we will continuously evolve the functionality of the API and the information and services that we provide to members of the program.

Get started here

The documentation contains all the information that you need get started developing quickly.

For the time being we do not offer any support on application development except the documentation.